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Here you'll find a whole variety of things. the software page describes a very small portion of the software that I have worked on, which I'm making available here. My blog contains random posts about software, environmentalism, politics and other random stuff. Finally, the enviro page contains just a brief overview of areas that are of interest to me, and contains links to some enviro groups and websites I work with.

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Check out Snapper. A really cool little screenshot taking application for windows.

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Apple Lossless decoder with 24-bit support.

September 8, 2009

It’s been almost three years since the last release of ALAC, the open source Apple Lossless Audio Codec decoder. Today I’ve just released version 0.2.0 of the ALAC decoder. The update primarily includes added support for decoding 24-bit ALAC files, as well as minor cleanups, portability improvements and so on. Head over to the ALAC web page for more details and to download the new version.

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Snapper 1.5 – with Snapper Live

April 12, 2009

Today I’ve released a major update to Snapper, a powerful screen capture utility for Windows. This update includes a brand new feature, Snapper Live. Snapper Live allows you to instantly upload your screenshots to a free web host, facilitating the sharing of your screen captures. With a single click, your screen captures can be uploaded to the web and shared with your friends or colleagues.

The update also includes some other minor changes and bug fixes. Snapper also remains free for all uses. So download it now!

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Snapper: Powerful screen capturing for Windows

August 13, 2008

Snapper 1.0 has finally arrived. Snapper is a neat little screen capturing application for Windows, allowing you more flexibility in how screenshots are taken and what happens to them once they are taken. Read on to find out more about Snapper, or just download it now. Also of significance, of course, is that Snapper is free!


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